A Christian is a perfectly Content believer in Christ

Luther “Do you want to have something to boast about? Practice godliness with contentment.”[1]

Something to boast or talk about. Most people have a need to “be” without being you are only human but if you have something to say or do you become a human being. Listen to the people around you: people talk about other people. Social media posts or tweets ask to like them or share their postings respond to them or be dropped from the feed. Being content with what we have isn’t part of the human way of thinking.

Humans need to be able to talk about or do something to know that they are (worth something) being.

In the movie Lady and the Tramp while Lady was in the pound a dog says, “Miserable loves more miserable than miserable is happy” In this life without Christ this saying is true, but with Christ we have a promise of salvation and a place in Heaven with the Father.

Yes, there are those who even dare to prefer this miserable existence to yonder life and become exasperated at the thought that they were created for immortality[2]. – Luther–

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Wrestling with God

Getting into a fight with someone that has a big advantage is not the wisest thing to do it’s like pushing on a pull door. Your only hope is that the one you are fighting with has mercy on your and your ignorance. Jacob is that type of man, the one that picked a fight with God, not the smartest thing to do. To think about it now, God could have made it so that Jacob didn’t even exist, that is to say never even been born. But God being the father that he is let Jacob do his best, think of like a father and his three year old rolling around on the ground. It went on till morning and God said (look at the time I have to go) let me go but Jacob didn’t so God touched him and dislocated his hip. It was just a touch that’s all, God could have hit him hard enough to knock him into next week but Jacob didn’t let go until he got a blessing.

Jacob was vary obstinate even with a dislocated hip to even ask, but God’s love for him and everyone gave him what he asked for.

God’s love for every person no earth is so strong that He gave up His only Son as payment for our sins.

Genesis 32: 24-32

John 3:16